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Improvisation: We’re Social Media Jazz Musicians


When I talk to senior management in companies, whether it’s marketing, PR or customer service, I like to ask about how they’re integrating social within their organization. I get a common refrain. There’s always a pause, followed by an explanation as to why it’s difficult or risky. With all the highly publicized social gaffs it’s no Continue Reading →

Looking Forward To 2014

A heartfelt “thank you” to all of you for your friendship, collaboration and patronage. 2013 was an exciting year for Intelligist Group and I owe a great deal of it to the incredible people with whom I connect on a daily basis. There were two big milestones for me this year: Corporate Narratives – In conjunction with Starlight Runner Continue Reading →

Apple’s Advantage Is Not Technology Or Design

iPhone 4S

Apple’s got a lead. It’s not technology. It’s not design. It’s customer service and customer experience. The battle for dominance in the smartphone market and the consumer “computing” device — including laptops, tablets and everything in between — is being fought over operating system (OS) and device superiority. Apple vs. Samsung vs. Nokia. Android vs. iOS Continue Reading →

Good Customer Service Has No Price. It’s Priceless.

A tale of two restaurants. I was chatting with my brother recently and he related two customer service stories that made me think about the relationship between price and value. And that low cost doesn’t mean low value or poor service. My brother was eating at an upscale restaurant in Las Vegas with some friends. Continue Reading →

Customer Service is NOT a Department at my Local VW Dealer

Customer service is one of the core elements that help shape a customer’s pre and post-sale experience – here’s a personal example of embedded customer service in action. Continue Reading →

The Power of What If

What could you learn if you sat down with your toughest critics, your mind open and your mouth shut? Continue Reading →

Social Media has leveled the playing field. What’s your game plan?

So we have a challenging dichotomy: there’s a fear in social media that we’re giving too much away, but content seems to be the currency. I wrote a blog a while back called The Age of Thought Leadership in which I discuss the concept of knowledge abundance vs, knowledge scarcity. Which side are you on? Does it matter? Continue Reading →

Double Postage From Aeropostale

So, not only had Aeropostale customer service been curt and unapologetic, they were wrong! Continue Reading →

Good Security or Bad Security

Just got this email from Verizon. My first reaction was why were they updating MY password? My second reaction was, how forward thinking to proactively address security issues. Continue Reading →

Apply eBay Transaction Model to Customer Service?

One of the principles of the Intelligist Group is the concept of Undiscovered Assets. During the weekly #custserv chat on Twitter hosted this Tuesday by Jeffrey Kingman and Marsha Collier I noticed a heated thread on getting feedback from customers. Here’s an Undiscovered Asset: customer service calls. What’s the value proposition in a customer service call? Continue Reading →