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Don’t Just Share, Give It Context


To Share Is Human; To Give Context, Divine.  We live in a world of abbreviated communications. In place of extended conversation we have text messages, 140 character tweets, and emoticons. While these shortcuts provide velocity to communications it’s often at the expense of understanding. Recently this link popped up in my twitter stream: German Scientists Continue Reading →

Two Paths To Targeted Advertising

Context Interest

Lately I’ve seen two paths to getting your advertising message to your target audience. They both have a measure of effectiveness and they both require an ever deepening understanding of your consumer — two paths to the same goal.  The challenge is matching content with context. With all the reality shows out there, I’m suggesting one Continue Reading →

Improvisation: We’re Social Media Jazz Musicians


When I talk to senior management in companies, whether it’s marketing, PR or customer service, I like to ask about how they’re integrating social within their organization. I get a common refrain. There’s always a pause, followed by an explanation as to why it’s difficult or risky. With all the highly publicized social gaffs it’s no Continue Reading →

5 Keys to a Solid Press Release


Writing a great press release isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Too often we think of a press release as the “announcement” and try to include far more than is necessary. In reality, the press release is just one element of a successful announcement. Over the years I’ve written many press releases Continue Reading →

OK, I get Pinterest now

Telephoto Lens from Photojojo

I believe in serendipity. For some time now I’ve been puzzled by Pinterest. The massive popularity and implications of value proposition seemed to be tantalizingly out of reach. I get it now. Or, at least a part of it.  Let me explain. I attended a seminar at New York XPO in early May, “Using Technology to Continue Reading →

Social Media has leveled the playing field. What’s your game plan?

So we have a challenging dichotomy: there’s a fear in social media that we’re giving too much away, but content seems to be the currency. I wrote a blog a while back called The Age of Thought Leadership in which I discuss the concept of knowledge abundance vs, knowledge scarcity. Which side are you on? Does it matter? Continue Reading →

3 Reasons YOU Are Not A Thought Leader

A while back I wrote a blog called The Age of Thought Leadership. Sometimes, to define something, it helps to define what it is NOT, so I thought I’d have a little fun. I hope you take it in the spirit in which is was intended. Continue Reading →

Who’s Going To Read My Blog?

When I talk to my clients about blogging the first question I get is “who’s going to read it?” It’s a reasonable question and a reasonable concern. It’s just the wrong question. Continue Reading →

Dark Matter and Invisible Thought Leaders


He exerts tremendous influence over the purchasing decisions of his social circle, yet he is invisible to all the machinations of corporate marketing. He is an Invisible Thought Leader. Continue Reading →

RIM: A Floor Wax Or A Dessert Topping?

A recent announcement about the debut of RIM’s iPad Challenger made me think about just how much RIM is falling behind with their mobile devices and whether they are even focusing on the right business. Are they a device company or are they a mobile infrastructure company? Continue Reading →