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Social Media has leveled the playing field. What’s your game plan?

So we have a challenging dichotomy: there’s a fear in social media that we’re giving too much away, but content seems to be the currency. I wrote a blog a while back called The Age of Thought Leadership in which I discuss the concept of knowledge abundance vs, knowledge scarcity. Which side are you on? Does it matter? Continue Reading →

Who’s Going To Read My Blog?

When I talk to my clients about blogging the first question I get is “who’s going to read it?” It’s a reasonable question and a reasonable concern. It’s just the wrong question. Continue Reading →

Dark Matter and Invisible Thought Leaders


He exerts tremendous influence over the purchasing decisions of his social circle, yet he is invisible to all the machinations of corporate marketing. He is an Invisible Thought Leader. Continue Reading →

Is It OK for me to watch my sales guy go down in a ball of flames?

Babe Ruth struck out 1,330 times, but he also hit a lot of home runs! If your sales people are not striking out, they’re probably only going after the “sure things” (aka the low hanging fruit). Continue Reading →

Can’t We Make Webinars More Effective?

When will sales and marketing departments realize that webinars can be so much more than Powerpoint presentations? It’s not about the technology anymore. The technology is out there and the audience is sophisticated enough to use it. Continue Reading →

Why is soccer so boring?

Nothing is inherently boring. Boredom represents a lack of understanding. Understanding is what creates interest, which creates excitement. All you need to do is create a desire to understand. Continue Reading →