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How Do You Eat A Software Implementation?


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When it comes to software implementation projects, cloud changes things. Not everything, but a lot of things. Beyond the obvious impact on the need for a level of technology and technology management, there’s something else. With the consumerization of IT, it seems the cloud Continue Reading →

2 Key Principles To Keep Your Small Business In Business

SMB stands for Small and Medium-sized Business. Today I want to talk to the small businesses. I’ve written a lot about cloud computing, backup strategies and disaster recovery .These are important topics for larger organizations. For smaller organizations, they are not important. They are critical. Small businesses are a cornerstone of our economy and yet Continue Reading →

3 Infrastructure Reasons The Cloud Makes Sense For Application Development


I don’t often blog on specific products or services but I when I recently saw the new partnership between IBM and Cloudshare for agile development I had an epiphany. What caught my attention was not the specific features of the individual products or the combined partnership but the logical application of technologies to solve a long-standing problem. Continue Reading →

10 IT Security Tips for Midsize Business

IBM For Midsize Businesses

I recently asked the following question on the IBM for Midsize Businesses group on Linkedin as a basis for discussion and a means to crowdsource some tips and best practices for IT security: Security attacks often arrive unannounced, but a well established security plan and implementation can help mitigate these often costly situations. This discussion, Continue Reading →

Who’s Dictating Cloud App’s in the Enterprise?

Cloud App Rain

My name is Alan Berkson and I’m a cloud-aholic. I Dropboxed my SkyDrive and CRM’ed my Evernote into my Google Apps mailbox. I’m a victim of cloud sprawl. Are you with me on this one? I am experiencing cloud application overload. But they’re so cool. The lure of the next latest and greatest is irresistible. And Continue Reading →

Big Data Has Arrived

It’s a coming out party for data. We are recording data at historically unprecedented rates.  Have you noticed you keep getting bigger storage devices and somehow continue to fill them up? You’re not alone. Not Your Grandparents Data For a long time data was the exclusive domain of dedicated departments of large enterprises powered by  complex IT infrastructure. Continue Reading →