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The 4 Roles Of The Modern MSP

Pay phone

The times, they are a changin’. When I look at my roles as an MSP and integrator at the turn of the century the equation for success started with selling solutions. In the SMB space, this consisted of file servers, email systems, and application and database servers for application software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Continue Reading →

Managed Services Success Has Nothing To Do With Technology


I’ve been making the rounds at IT Service Management trade shows. The impressive array of tools and technology now available to IT service professionals makes me jealous compared to what was available when I was struggling to build my managed services practice. Back in 1996, with a nascent Internet, we had few tools and even less Continue Reading →

Don’t Just Share, Give It Context


To Share Is Human; To Give Context, Divine.  We live in a world of abbreviated communications. In place of extended conversation we have text messages, 140 character tweets, and emoticons. While these shortcuts provide velocity to communications it’s often at the expense of understanding. Recently this link popped up in my twitter stream: German Scientists Continue Reading →

There IS No Channel


Back in 2011 I first wrote about pervasive communications and how one of the challenges it presented was chaos: “The challenge now is pervasive communication has become chaotic — the sprawl of communication mediums offer competing, yet similar functions. Conversations now leap among platforms and channels with an unprecedented fluidity — a Twitter update engenders an SMS text which leads to Continue Reading →

iPhone Sits on the Cusp of Consumer and Enterprise – Revisited

iPhones and Blackberrys

It’s hard to imagine a world without iPhones, but there was a time when RIM ruled the roost, Blackberry’s were ubiquitous enough to warrant the moniker “Crackberry,” and Blackberry Enterprise Server was the standard for enterprise mobility. IT departments dished out company Blackberry’s to employees and kept them on short, secure leashes. iPhones were the Continue Reading →

Pervasive Media And The Now Generation


As much as we think we’re approaching maturity in our ability to create multi-platform content we are still a long way from fully understanding the true potential. Back in the 50’s I Love Lucy was a groundbreaking television show. Among many other firsts, it was the first show to be shot in front of a Continue Reading →

Is Knowing Which Song Comes Next A Critical 21st Century Skill?


I heard this new song by Jack White, Lazaretto. I’ve listened to it dozens of times. After the umpteenth time it occurred to me that what I really wanted was another song just like it. I wanted to know what song comes next. I tried Pandora and Spotify, but they just didn’t cut it. I Continue Reading →

One Step Ahead Of The Customer

I often talk about my philosophy on blogging, that a blog post is a conversation. This one comes from a conversation with tech author and journalist Howard M. Cohen of HMC Write Now. We were discussing how, with the pace of innovation and evolution in the technology space, vendors and service providers sometimes find themselves in an interesting position — teaching and Continue Reading →

So You Want (A Piece) Of My Attention


Back in 2011 I was trying to get a handle on the rapidly increasing velocity and agility of communications. Instagram was a new toy with a paltry market value south of $100 million, Android was changing the face of mobile, and Google+ was the new kid on the block.  It was posing a challenge for Continue Reading →

How Do You Eat A Software Implementation?


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When it comes to software implementation projects, cloud changes things. Not everything, but a lot of things. Beyond the obvious impact on the need for a level of technology and technology management, there’s something else. With the consumerization of IT, it seems the cloud Continue Reading →