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There IS No Channel


Back in 2011 I first wrote about pervasive communications and how one of the challenges it presented was chaos: “The challenge now is pervasive communication has become chaotic — the sprawl of communication mediums offer competing, yet similar functions. Conversations now leap among platforms and channels with an unprecedented fluidity — a Twitter update engenders an SMS text which leads to Continue Reading →

Pervasive Media And The Now Generation


As much as we think we’re approaching maturity in our ability to create multi-platform content we are still a long way from fully understanding the true potential. Back in the 50’s I Love Lucy was a groundbreaking television show. Among many other firsts, it was the first show to be shot in front of a Continue Reading →

So You Want (A Piece) Of My Attention


Back in 2011 I was trying to get a handle on the rapidly increasing velocity and agility of communications. Instagram was a new toy with a paltry market value south of $100 million, Android was changing the face of mobile, and Google+ was the new kid on the block.  It was posing a challenge for Continue Reading →

Looking Forward To 2013


Many thanks to all with whom I’ve had the opportunity to connect over this past year: for your friendship, your collaboration and your patronage. Intelligist Group has lots of exciting plans for 2013 and I owe a great deal of it to the incredible people I connect with on a daily basis. As we continue to Continue Reading →

Brands, Narratives and Story Worlds – Part 1


In Part 1 of this series I talk about the application of cutting edge entertainment IP franchise production techniques to address some of the challenges we see today in corporate communications. Entertainment and corporate communications have intertwined for as long as there have been things to sell and stories to tell. Marketing has traditionally shown Continue Reading →

The Age of Twitter’s Platform

Cupping Water

As usual, Fred McClimans got me to thinking with this blog post in a tweet: Are we witnessing the beginning of the profitability of Twitter AND the end of its present value? @berkson0 @nigelcameron — FRED MCCLIMANS (@fredmcclimans) June 30, 2012 It’s my basic operating premise that most businesses don’t know what business they’re in. Continue Reading →

Big Data: Is The Answer 42?


Large enterprises have wrestled with massive amounts of data for a long time. As technology migrates out of the IT department and into the boardroom for many businesses, it’s creating complications and confusion in many areas. There is a rush to process all this data to get answers. The challenge: what are the right questions? Big Continue Reading →

Can you make something trend?


Why do things trend? I’m trying to wrap my head around what is, for me, a very interesting question. I was recently involved in a well-meaning effort by some people with very large hearts to create awareness around what many believe is a very important topic. For a short period of time we appeared on the radar Continue Reading →

Upping The Ante On Social For Recruitment

CA Email

So, yes, a long time ago I applied for a job at CA. I recently received an email (see picture below) that said: Dear Alan, We noted your interest in CA Technologies career opportunities and that you’ve previously applied to our Careers site, and wanted to invite you to join our talent community. By allowing Continue Reading →

Faces of Pervasive Communications

Tin Can Phone

So what exactly IS pervasive communications? I get that question a lot these days. I am starting a new series here dedicated to fleshing out what it means to me and, more important, what it could mean for you. One aspect of pervasive communications is considering the types of communications that take place on the sprawl Continue Reading →