/the age of thought leadership/

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  • IT analyst Merv Adrian spent many years creating a reputation as a top analyst in the area of Enterprise Data Management. He left Forrester Research, a major technology and marketing research company, and  has been an independent analyst for over a year now. By his own count he had over 40,000 hits on his blog in the first year and continues to be a powerful, relevant force in the marketplace.
  • Jeff Gomez, the CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment started with a typical 20th century career path eventually working as a producer for Acclaim Entertainment’s comic division. His projects were  extraordinarily successful – his work with Turok, Dinsaur Hunter helped the franchise gross $420 million – but it did little to bolster his personal brand. In 2000 Jeff decided to strike out on his own. With only a small cache in his personal brand it was an uphill battle to prove himself. What did he do? He gave it away. He established his expertise through successful engagements with renowned brands like Microsoft, 20th Century Fox and Coca-Cola,  and built his brand through blogs, social media sites, and speaking engagements. Today, Jeff is considered a thought leader in transmedia, a concept that is sending powerful ripples throughout the entertainment world.