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  • I agree if his point is about handling errors gracefully, but the whale certainly wans’t it. Not to knock what Biz has made of Twitter after years of tweaking it, but the comparison hardly seems apt. What if, out of the box, Twitter had to communicate with all the existing insurance companies — many using mainframe-like technologies with indeterminate response times? And interface with the social security administration, and identify known felons, and check for insurance fraud? And Twitter’s “deadlines” were self-imposed, not with the entire country looking over your shoulder. Come to think of it, I was never impressed with the whale when I was capturing numerous screenshots of it for

    • Thanks, Mark. I’m not trying to compare the complexity of the development challenge so much as the ethos. The old-school development mentality is to develop in a vacuum and then reveal it to the world in all it’s glory. Failure and iteration is built into the 21st century software development ethos. Also, communicating with the end users and getting them to buy in to what you’re trying to accomplish. The fact that Twitter, a product with a ridiculous learning curve and a history of failures along the way has been so successful is testament.