Faces of Pervasive Communications

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  • I agree that there is something “flat” to voicemail as opposed to something a little more “real time” like a text or a tweet.  The real time modes feel more organic and keeping with the times and such.  That said, the real time modes assume that a) I’m available to read it in real time; b) that I’ll answer in real time; or horribly c) I’m not avoiding you.  

    I don’t mind voicemail, to be honest.  I like hearing the timbre and texture of one’s voice and hearing/sensing the emotional background to whatever the particular need is of the person on the other side of the voicemail.

    • Great point about “timbre and texture.” One of the biggest challenges of text based communication is difficulty is delivering (and interpreting) sub-text and intent, something we are trained in do from an early age. I wonder if this will change as we become more “fluent” in text-based communication. Perhaps there is a next phase in text-based contextual clues beyond emoticons?

  •  I’d prefer email. Text messages gets annoying after all.

    • Thanks, Alkin. You bring up an excellent point. Part of the consideration in understanding the best medium for your message is the preferences of your audience. 

      And I agree, I should probably change that to “Just hang up and send me an email” 

  • I’m not available to take your tweet right now, at the cursor, please leave your name and number & I will read it as soon as possible. Thx

    • Funny thing is, I send my voice mail to Google Voice, which translates them and emails it to me. :)

  • I think we too often default to email when voice is preferable in some communications but voicemail feels to me like the cul-de-sac of the modern day.

  • I gave up voice mail 2-3 yeas ago (especially with 3 locations) and went with the PhoneTag.com service. They email the voice message within 60 seconds or so ~ I do have the option of listening  at the end of their email, which I do very seldom and only when the transcription is suspect :-) It also gives me the record of the person who called, their number and what they said. So easy to return calls. CASUDI

    • I’m with ya. I do the same thing with Google Voice (only available in US, I think). 

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