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Fred McClimans


Fred McClimans
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Fred McClimans is a seasoned analyst, innovator and entrepreneur who has advised and helped guide a range of businesses, from startups to F100, from vendors to multi-national enterprises.  He is a veteran of the consulting industry (Ernst&Young, McClimans Group), the tech scene (Newbridge Networks, DTECH Labs) and the market/technology sector (Gartner, Decisys, Current Analysis). His success is centered around a desire to ask the right questions and connect the dots to develop go-to-market corporate, product and brand strategies that marry business ability with market trends with customer need.

You can connect to Fred on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Be sure to read: How I use Social Media!

Fred is also the co-host of the COIL, a weekly program (7pmET) that discussed the confluence of business, technical and cultural trends. His personal blog is at fredmcclimans.com.

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