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A Chink in the Apple Armor

There’s a chink in the armor. A blemish on the Apple mystique. Rather than accept responsibility for a problem with his product and maintain it’s elevated status, he’s “lowered” Apple and the iPhone to the level of every other Smartphone. Continue Reading →

Back In Business

Ahh…finally! At last our Intrepid Hero can get back to focusing on the reason he’s in Alabama in the first place – assisting with the oil spill cleanup effort. Continue Reading →

Customer Service: The Saga Continues…

What’s wrong with this? Social Media gets eaten up by the old school support system. Instead of contacting the customer and getting the story straight, this person read the notes in the system and fell in with the same false assumptions and misdirected conclusions. Engaging in Social Media doesn’t automatically make your CRM more effective. Continue Reading →

Shouldn’t Customer Service be a Marketing Opportunity?

How would Texas-native Michael Dell have responded had he known there was a Dell customer lending a hand in the Gulf cleanup who needed a little extra attention? What public relations opportunity was missed? Continue Reading →