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Corporate Narrative: The Art of Corporate Storytelling

Aligned Corporate Narrative

This article first appeared as a guest post on Paul Greenberg’s ZDNET blog. It was a follow up to my post Brands, Narratives and Story Worlds. Many thanks to Paul for letting me tell my story. I know this post is long (twice my usual) but I hope it’s worth the trip.  Entertainment and corporate Continue Reading →

Looking Forward To 2014

A heartfelt “thank you” to all of you for your friendship, collaboration and patronage. 2013 was an exciting year for Intelligist Group and I owe a great deal of it to the incredible people with whom I connect on a daily basis. There were two big milestones for me this year: Corporate Narratives – In conjunction with Starlight Runner Continue Reading →

Instagram And The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiation is not black and white. It’s infinite shades of gray. However, it’s incumbent upon each party in the negotiation to understand two important positions: what they want and what they are willing to do to get it. And the negotiation process is an intricate dance: you want to get the best deal you can Continue Reading →

That Third Kind Of Vet


Being able to properly vet might be the most important skill of the 21st Century. Not curing sick animals. Not retiring from military service. I’m talking about “subjecting to thorough examination or evaluation.” We’ve been trained to rely on experts to do this for us. If we go back 30 years or so, we would Continue Reading →

Does Moore’s Law Apply To People?


So Microsoft is changing the way they license users. Interesting to see that perhaps the balance of power has returned to the users. Software licensing has always been a strange animal. I recall well my days as an IT integrator and Managed Service Provider when I had to figure out the arcane licensing for enterprise software. Continue Reading →

Raise Your Hand If You Haven’t Seen Casablanca


One of the greatest movies ever made, yet I would wager too few people have seen it. It’s an old movie. It’s stale content. In a society that monetizes consumption, those responsible for marketing content give choices that involve profitable consumption — they’re not going to give us the loss leader on the menu. So Continue Reading →

Who’s Dictating Cloud App’s in the Enterprise?

Cloud App Rain

My name is Alan Berkson and I’m a cloud-aholic. I Dropboxed my SkyDrive and CRM’ed my Evernote into my Google Apps mailbox. I’m a victim of cloud sprawl. Are you with me on this one? I am experiencing cloud application overload. But they’re so cool. The lure of the next latest and greatest is irresistible. And Continue Reading →

I Now Have A Cloud. All Is Well.

Mom Text 2

Many years (decades?) ago, my father said to me: The world is going to end, not with a bang, but because no one will know how to fix anything anymore. I’m not going to to talk about the disposable society we live in — we don’t fix things, we buy new ones — but about Continue Reading →

Loose Lips Sink Ships


Technology makes life easier. And more often we are less aware of what we are giving away for that ease. Beyond the privacy concerns of the big social platforms, businesses are struggling with the confluence of pervasive communications, Big Data, consumerization of IT, privacy and data security. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Big companies Continue Reading →

OK, I get Pinterest now

Telephoto Lens from Photojojo

I believe in serendipity. For some time now I’ve been puzzled by Pinterest. The massive popularity and implications of value proposition seemed to be tantalizingly out of reach. I get it now. Or, at least a part of it.  Let me explain. I attended a seminar at New York XPO in early May, “Using Technology to Continue Reading →