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Instagram And The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiation is not black and white. It’s infinite shades of gray. However, it’s incumbent upon each party in the negotiation to understand two important positions: what they want and what they are willing to do to get it. And the negotiation process is an intricate dance: you want to get the best deal you can Continue Reading →

Who’s Dictating Cloud App’s in the Enterprise?

Cloud App Rain

My name is Alan Berkson and I’m a cloud-aholic. I Dropboxed my SkyDrive and CRM’ed my Evernote into my Google Apps mailbox. I’m a victim of cloud sprawl. Are you with me on this one? I am experiencing cloud application overload. But they’re so cool. The lure of the next latest and greatest is irresistible. And Continue Reading →

Let’s Call It What It Is: Pervasive Communication

Global Communication

I don’t want to talk about social media. I don’t want to talk about social business. I don’t want to talk about social enterprise. At least not in the context which many people seem to be using it these days. Businesses are not social. People are social. Supreme Court precedent aside, businesses are not people, at Continue Reading →

Turn On, Check In, Hang Out


What do social check-in’s have to do with “influence”? This was the basis for a recent conversation  I had with Fred McClimans of the McClimans Group. Check out Fred’s most recent post “Are We Ready to Add Cause to Social Check-Ins?” to get a sense of the evolution of social check-in. Have you checked in lately? Foursquare, Gowalla?  Facebook, Continue Reading →

Shout It From The Rooftops

Yes, social media can be hazardous to our professional lives. Like any powerful tool, it must be used wisely. But the upside is tremendous. Continue Reading →