What Business Are You In?

Many businesses suffer from an affliction known as “marketing myopia“, a term ably presented and explored by Theodore Levitt in Harvard Business Review. A central component of Levitt’s essay is the danger in focusing on products rather than customers. While this was written in 1960, it still rings true today.

For many companies there is a gap between what business they believe they are in versus what business their customers believe they are in. This gap can be problematic. Or it can represent an opportunity to grow.

How about your business? Understanding what business you’re in — and closing the gap with your customers — can mean more satisfied customers and more closed business. It may even reveal new products and business opportunities.

Not sure where to begin?  I’d love to start that conversation.

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  • Stanley Berkson

    Very well put, as usual.

  • Kenneth Gonzalez

    Ted was an important figure and “Marketing Myopia” is a classic, must-read piece. Period. I am continually recommending it to customers that I work with. Not enough can be said about how critical it is to have this question answered correctly. Glad to see his work being recognized! :-D

    • Thanks, Kenneth. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t bring of Ted’s HBR piece.

      • Kenneth Gonzalez

        Makes two of us! :-D