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  • David G H Phillips

    I tend to join Alice in her rabbit hole when these discussions take place.

    Let us for an instant attempt to examine what the real science is trying to tell a largely deaf profession.

    The convergence of values based on psychology, neuro psychology, anthropology, among a wide range of human behavioural sciences tell us that humans have values and that influence (for good and ill) is about the convergence of values.

    Does you client really want influence.

    Like Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi?

    The whole idea is much deeper than Klout, TweetLevel, PeerIndex, Twitter Grader, and Twitalyzer or even the Edelman formula.

    These are measures of transient channels at best and do not reflect the ability to change nature that was achieved by Gaddafi (and a history book of equally nasty clients looking for’influence’).

    Influence is a nice, shallow, marketing number.

    It is not fit for PR purpose.

    PR is much more subtle that that. PR can help people warm to, adopt and evangelise ideas without shouting or shooting.

    • “Influence is a nice, shallow, marketing number” — that hits the nail right on the head. Thanks for adding to the discussion, David. 

  • Hi Alan,

    Why focus on measuring social media influence at all?

    Wouldn’t you prefer metrics that tell how well marketing is driving prospects thru the marketing funnel all the way through to sales …

    social media influence impacts a small part of that process, but by itself influence doesn’t have much value

    metrics that help to measure and optimize end to end marketing effectiveness — now that would really get my attention

    • I agree completely, Rhonda. I wrote the initial post (Influence Measurement Optimization™) as mostly tongue-in-cheek. Is the trend good? Time will tell. We’ve relied on Nielsen ratings and FICO scores. Why not influence measurement? 

      Metrics and analysis are the hallmark of the burgeoning information economy.  Accuracy and importance are not necessarily exclusive, so regardless of whether you believe in it or agree with it, influence measurement is not going away any time soon.