Looking Forward To 2013

Many thanks to all with whom I’ve had the opportunity to connect over this past year: for your friendship, your collaboration and your patronage. Intelligist Group has lots of exciting plans for 2013 and I owe a great deal of it to the incredible people I connect with on a daily basis.

As we continue to evolve within the 21st Century environment of pervasive communications and pervasive media, Intelligist Group will be focusing on what we see as some interesting — and important — trends for 2013:

Digital Citizenship — There’s never been so much content available to so many people, and yet it seems harder to get value from it. To some extent, we are all media companies: we consume content, we curate content and we create content. New skills need to be developed and new discipline employed. We need to understand better what it is we consume and share — learning That Third Kind of Vet — and we need to take more care that what we consume has value and merit: Raise Your Hand If You Haven’t Seen Casablanca.

Corporate Story Worlds — The age of broadcast is over. The challenges organizations now face in a world of ever-increasing, often involuntary transparency require new strategies and new tools. Words like “story” and “narrative” are being used more often now to describe how brands need to communicate. In Brands, Narratives and Story Worlds we introduced the concept of the Corporate Story World and asked the question: who within your organization is internally and externally responsible for the continuity and contextual integrity of your “brand narrative?”  In 2013, we plan to offer some strategies and tools to address the challenges and opportunities presented there.

Winter wonderland

If you want to understand the impact of pervasive communications on your business, digital citizenship, corporate story worlds, or just want to talk about some of your goals for 2013, let’s schedule some time to chat.

Happy and Healthy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

Alan Berkson
Principal, Intelligist Group


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