What IS That Thing?

I had breakfast with fellow catalyst and business process guru Mike Ross today at the Yorktown Coach Diner. We were animatedly discussing 21st Century technology and it’s impact on business process, sales, marketing and customer service when we noticed an adolescent boy staring at us in our booth. Finally, he pointed and asked,

“What IS that thing?”

“Huh?” we replied, in unison.

“THAT thing!”

We look up. “Oh. THAT thing. It’s a jukebox. It plays music”

Puzzled look from the boy.

“It’s like a giant iPod.”

“Oh,” and he walks away, apparently satisfied.

Out of the mouths of babes!

  • Makes you realize how old we’re getting?! The world is changing fast… thanks for sharing Alan!

    • Thanks, Aarti. I have a few more. Gonna make it a regular feature. Any suggestions?