/social media has leveled the playing field whats your game plan/

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You Have a Web-site, Maybe a Newsletter. Now What?

It’s All About Engagement

They Said WHAT About Me?

My Game Plan

  • Sharing – Using blogs to take advantage of the Internet megaphone, to amplify conversations I have with prospects, customers and colleagues. (“Who’s Going To Read My  Blog?”);
  • News Feed – Participate in a global conversation.  All forms of microblogging (Twitter, LinkedIN, et al ). Yes, and commenting on other blogs (“4 Reasons I Like Twitter“);
  • Collaboration – Using tools to directly connect and exchange ideas, like instant-messaging (Email, Skype, Twitter DM, et al) (“Social Media is the New Water Cooler“);
  • Transparency – Making it easier for others to understand MY value proposition (“3 Reasons YOU Are Not a Thought Leader“);
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